The wait is over, 5D Mk3 is out.

It not all that I hoped for but its still has some interesting features that I can’t wait to play with. I did hope that they would give us a mirror less version and announce for at least 2k video (4k was the dream). New features are like: Digic5+ sensor, HDR shooting, Multiple exposure, Dual layer metering, Dual card slot (CF+SD), 60p recording (720p) and Mic output, face detection autofocus in live view (not sure if it works during recording). Silent shooting is something I have been waiting for to use when shooting on film set. There are a bunch of new feature and improvements that you can see for you self at their website.

But the price level has also gone up unfortunately and for many it will be to expensive. Personally I think its to high when I think of that there is little there that Canon did not already have one way or the other. I would have like to see news on autofocus during video which would help a lot when working on a steadicam.