New project: Floating Figure

We have just launched a brand new project called Floating Figure. For a long time it has been our plan to work with water in an artistic way. We did not want to go for the typical “underwater” style which has been widely exposed throughout the time. On of our wishes was to have the floating benefit of water, the brilliance of the reflecting surface and be able to maintain the ability to pose in a graceful and elegant way.
Therefor we chose to shoot this series of pictures from above, looking down on a 5000L water bassin, found at the local toy store. This is something that is widely common in family gardens and it was ideal choise for us because the blowup border allowed us to work indoors in an hassle free way and gave us the freedom of controlling how much water was needed in order for the model to float but still be able to control her movements and have parts of the body above the surface.

Direct link: Floating Figure