Single Tripod Footprint

If you have worked with slider in both video and time-lapse you have probably noticed that you need to support it with two tripods, one at each end, otherwise it will pivot when it reaches the endpoints. Have you ever wondered if it could be possible to use a single tripod for a 4feet long slider. The answer is YES. I have been working on a support solution that is easy to travel with and is both light and can be broken down to easily fit my slider bag. But at the same time it need to be sturdy!!! Here is what I have come up with, all you need is some Clamps, extendable tubes and those small ballheads used for attaching umbrella to a lamp stand (often used with those on-camera strobes). The endplates on your slider need to have some threaded holes in order for you to screw the bullheads in but luckily my Rhinoslider has two holes on each side.


Mr. Gimbal

Finally after days of constructing, wiring, testing we managed to get our handheld brushless gimbal working. there is still some tweeking needed and updating on the rig but we are very happy with the result! 


Update coming soon

I know it´s been way too long since my last post and Its way overdue. But the good news is that we have been very busy these last couple of months and we have loads to show you. There will be a new film material coming out when for Outfitters Nation, a Bestseller brand. New behind the scenes films. Not to mention all the still photos we have been working on. But first we need to get to the point where we can release them. So until then here are some "teasers" from our last filmset. 

Photographer: Anna Jarmolowicz

Skidome Denmark presentation video

In early october 2012 we were approached by Openminded with a request of making a presentation video for a Skidome in Denmark. The assignment was to film and edit interviews of the architect Mikkel Frost, Cebra Architects and Simon O. Andersen, Brand Manager at Danski. In addition to that we where supplied with animations from Cebra and intro animation from Openminded to edit with our own footage. To make the look of the footage pop out as crispy as possible we decided to colorgrade the interviews in Adobe Lightroom. The result was beyond satisfying and the control we had over the details and color balance was amazing.  The video has been a huge success, with around 250.000 views and countless blog posts as well as being covered by both print, online media and TV.

Photopop goes to the movies

I spent 4 weeks in november and december 2011 with a danish film crew on Mallorca, Spain while shooting  a feature film. Its Directed by Adam Neutzsky-Wuulf and produced by Drama Deluxe. The film cast features William Baldwin, Estella Warren, Sarah Butler, Katia Winter, Jeffrey Pierce and Kim Bondia.

My role was to shoot character portraits, scenes, behind the scenes stills and video. One of the scene shots has now been used to make this fantastic movie poster.

The Stranger Inside


we just love to make those tiny cinemagraphs and they can really spice up a website. If you want to experiment with it yourself on your iPhone there is a app called Kinotopic and it´s fun to play with. Although these are a bit more advanced to make :)