Photopop ApS

Photopop was founded in 2000 by Runólfur Geir Guðbjörnsson, a icelandic photographer. The idea, apart from going into business, was to create an umbrella where young "creatives" of all genre with a burning desire to create could meet and exhange experience and ideas. The studio is running a tight ship and now shooting worldwide campaigns along with local low budget projects. Photopop has, over the years shared everyday-living with a mix of photographers, designers, retouchers and art-directors. This creative energy has been shared between the walls of participants and is now in full swing.

Our Philosophy : Photopop strives for excellence, cutting edge ideas and personal exchange in an evironment characterized by openness, creativity, curiosity and most of all inspiration. Participants meet in an open forum to push the boundaries of cutting edge experimentation and production.

Our Mission : The environment is constantly in search for optimal solutions for our clients. Tailor made campaigns are put together with ease and professionalism. We don´t reinvent the wheel, but we are a part of it. By being a part of a large outsourcing network we have lifted substantial projects within branding/re-branding of companies of all size and configuration. Years of close cooperation with innovative hardworking people across the spectrum for advertising, fashion, art and design, has given us the ability to reach much further then the traditional photographic production.

Image Credits: Gísli Dúa Hjörleifsson